THE Tories have topped the early election donation table with more cash than all the other parties put together.

Conservatives top election donation table with more cash than other parties put together

The figures published by the Electoral Commission for the first week of the election campaign also confirm that Labour is completely in the pockets of the union barons, attracting little money from private donors.

The Electoral Commission revealed that the Tories received £4.1 million between 3 and 9 May while the other parties together were given £2,946,844.

From the £2.7 million given to Labour, £2,360,000 came from hardliner Len McCluskey’s Unite union.

The revelation follows a row over a safe Labour seat in Liverpool where Dan Carden, a former aide to the hard Left Mr McCluskey, has been selected ahead of city mayor Joe Anderson.

Another £175,000 came from the Communication Workers Union (CWU), who pushed for the expensive renationalisation of Royal Mail to be in the Labour manifesto.

The GMB gave a more modest £62,000 while the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), which has caused misery for thousands of commuters with a series of strikes, rewarded Mr Corbyn with £25,000 for including rail nationalisation in the manifesto.

Remain supporting Labour candidates have also been backed with £36,600 from pro-EU financier Peter Hearn who is a director of European Wealth.

Labour’s only other private donor of more than £7,500 was Mohammed Husain who gave the party £25,000.

The biggest single private donation came from taxi firm Addison Lee founder John Griffin who gave the Tories £900,000.

In total the Conservatives received 12 six figure donations including £500,000 from City fund manager John Armitage.

Ukip received £48,000 while the floundering Lib Dems picked up £180,000, the Greens just £15,000 and the Women’s Equality Party £20,544 from the Now advertising agency in a non-cash donation.

By law, political parties standing candidates at the UK Parliamentary General Election must submit details of any donations and loans of over £7,500, as part of weekly reports to the Electoral Commission.

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