Carl Reader on how to start a business after Brexit: FOUR steps to being your own boss


Without a dream, the business will waver and take its own course. Make sure that you are clear on what your business is, where you want it to go, and how you will fit into that plan. You might not feel like you want to build the next Facebook or Google, and that’s fine!

Just make sure that you have a vision for your business, and that you are clear that it is in alignment with your personal goals. There is no point having a business plan that contradicts your personal plan, as this will only lead to dissatisfaction.


I believe that the biggest impact of Brexit on small businesses will be funding. Having said that, the banks are in the business of lending, and they will still lend to solid propositions.

You need to make sure that your business plan is clear, robust, and that the numbers add up. What’s more, you need to take ownership of the plan.

Whilst you might get a marketing agency, an accountant, and many others to help build it; you need to fully understand the contents and be able to impress the bank manager with your grasp of the business and your market.

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