ANGELA Merkel's former ally insists Britain's decision to leave the European Union will not damage trade between the UK and the bloc.

Brexit will not limit trade between the EU and Britain insists Angela Merkel ally

Steffen Kampeter, a former politician in the German Chancellor’s CDU party said a “good deal” is needed and positives can be enjoyed if Brexit negotiations go well.

Mr Kampeter, who was a CDU lawmaker for more than 25 years and served as Germany’s deputy finance master from 2009 to 2015, said there were three key questions to solve first – EU citizens, the Brexit bill and Northern Ireland.

The ex politician, who is co-chair of the Brexit Exchange, a summit discussing business issues for when the UK leaves the bloc, reiterated the UK’s importance to European businesses.

Speaking at Brexit Exchange London, he said: “The UK is a big trade partner for European businesses. The political decision for Brexit shall not sustainably limit our exchange options.

The political decision for Brexit shall not sustainably limit our exchange options

Steffen Kampeter

“So we require from politics a good trade deal between the UK and the European Union for a positive prospect of European business and UK businesses.

“Our aim is to find a reasonable solution and that is what basic exchange can deliver, they can deliver facts and examples to the negotiators from sectors.”

Speaking to Jonathan Powell, a former adviser to Tony Blair and also a co-chair of the Brexit Exchange, Mr Kampeter added: “Nobody can expect from your team or the Barnier team to know every detail.

“The EU 27 do know that we have to solve two or three questions first and then we get much more into detail, residents, money, Northern Ireland, these three are probably, as we see on the top of the agenda.”

Mr Powell described the process of leaving the European Union as “extraordinarily complex”.

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    He said: “The big problem is many sectors of business have not yet begun to prepare for Brexit, they are thinking it’s something a long way in the future.

    “The danger is that this negotiation either breaks down or does wrap up in two years with a framework agreement.”

    Meanwhile, the

    The French and German leaders want to increase the UK’s exit bill to an eye-watering £85 billion, according to reports.

    But negotiator Michel Barnier is worried the demands for a hefty bill could derail the upcoming talks.

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