Theresa May has another day of crunch Brexit talks ahead of her with time running out ahead of the EU's negotiating deadline.

Brexit deal LIVE: Ireland are playing ‘dangerous’ game blasts DUP as May phones Varadkar

11.35am – ‘Put Davis in Tower of London’

Labour MP David Lammy has hit out at Mr Davis.

He said he should be “put in the Tower of London”, offering to walk Mr Davis there himself.

He tweeted: “It is time to put David Davis in the Tower of London for contempt of Parliament. I will meet him outside this hearing and walk him down the Embankment myself.”

11.20am – ‘No deal’

The DUP believe there will be “no deal this week”, following this morning’s phone call between Mrs May and Ms Foster.

The Sun is reporting the party do not believe anything can be achieved by the weekend.

This isn’t good news. Mrs May needed to offer something to Brussels and Dublin by the weekend to have any hope of going into next week’s Summit with a concrete game plan.

It appears we are moving ever closer to a no deal scenario.

10.50am – Contact at last but still issues

DUP sources said Mrs May and Ms Foster had a constructive phone call but issues remain.

They said their were “ends to tie up” in London.

10.30am – May and Foster talk

According to Sky’s Ireland correspondant, Theresa May and Arlene Foster are finally holding a phone call.

Sky cited DUP sources who said the call is currently ongoing.

10.20am – What a difference a year makes

Twelve months ago Mr Davis said: “We are in the midst of crying out about 57 sets of analysis, each of which has implications for individual parts of 85 per cent of the economy.”

Today he said these assessments were not available and their hypothetical value “is near zero”.

10.00am – Davis under fire

The reaction from elsewhere in Parliament isn’t pretty for Davis.

Labour and Co-op MP Seema Malhotra said “David Davishas just admitted that the Government have not conducted a single economic impact assessments on the impact to Brexit to our economy.

“Staggeringly. A dereliction of duty.”

Labour MP Bill Esterson said: “Did he know that the impact assessments didn’t exist when he said they did? It was either incredibly incompetent or incredibly dishonest.

“Either way, how is Davis still in his job?”

SNP Joanna Cherry said: “The evidence of David Davis just now re: non-existence of Brexit impact assessments would appear to directly contradict what he and other UK government ministers have previously told Commons committees.

“This is pretty serious.”

9.50am – Davis says relax

More from David Davis. He said the long-promised impact assessments will be conducted “later” – and that even then the Government will not release the findings.

You can’t help but feel this isn’t going to make things easier for Mrs May at PMQs in two hours or so.

9.45am – Davis admits no impact assessments available

David Davis is speaking to the Brexit Select Committee and things are already heating up.

He has essentially admitted no Brexit impact assessments on any aspect of the UK economy have been produced.

Theresa May’s chief Brexit negotiator said he is “not a fan” of them.

9.30am – Weber speaks with Varadkar

German MEP and leader of the European People’s Party Group Manfred Weber has spoke to Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

Mr Weber tweeted this morning: “I had a phone call with the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and assured him that we stand by our Irish friends regarding Brexit.

“A hard border within Ireland is unacceptable.”

9.10am – Europe reacts to Brexit breakdown

Europe is not holding back at sticking the boot in following this week’s Brexit bungling.

A Spanish minister mocked “a case of disunited kingdoms”, a French newspaper referred to a “string of capitulations” and a German radio station said Brexit was “political idiocy”.

Read our full story here.

8.40am – Anger at IDS

Lots of anger in Ireland at Iain Duncan Smith’s clumsy comments last night.

He sparked fury when he described the Ireland border issue and fears of a return to violence as “this Irish stuff”.

He said: “You know this Irish stuff was not at this state some months ago – now it suddenly becomes an issue between the Irish for political reasons internally, presidential elections…”

Irish Times news editor Mark Hennessy tweeted in response the Brexiteer was “a fool or a liar”.

Iain Duncan Smith’s claims the Irish issue has “suddenly” burst to life comes after more than 18 months of increasingly panicked warning from leaders in both Dublin and Belfast about the impact of Brexit on Ireland.

Even long before the referendum the topic was raised in Ireland – and ignored in Westminster.

And the former Tory leader’s reference to the Irish presidential election is equally mystifying. The vote is largely symbolic and has no impact on foreign affairs.

8.20am – Starmer first up

Good morning to Labour’s Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer.

He has reiterated Labour is prepared to keep membership of the single market and customs union up for negotiation following a transition period after withdrawal.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We say leave that option on the table. We certainly wouldn’t rule it out. We’d want to have a conversation.

“We are in the EU and we will leave the EU; the question then is, can we reach an agreement with the EU that gives us those benefits?”

8.15am – May’s Brexit riddle

A good tweet about Theresa May’s Brexit conundrum from legal expert David Allen Green:

“A Prime Minister has a soft Brexit cross party majority in the House of Commons, Ireland supported by EU27 and the DUP keeping her party in government.

“How does she get all three to the other side of the river when she can only carry two at a time?”

Answers on a postcard (preferably sent to Downing Street).

8.10am – Brexit debate

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill will also be discussed in Parliament today.

Day five of the committee stay will kick off after PMQs at 1pm. As with PMQs, the timing could not be worse.

8.00am – May set for PMQs showdown

Joey Millar here starting off today’s live blog.

Mrs May has a gruelling schedule ahead of her today – with the weekly Prime Minsters Questions only adding to the load.

The weekly shouting match has come at a bad time for Mrs May with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sure to stick the boot in, despite his own party’s Brexit chaos.

We’ll be covering the fun and games as it starts at midday. Follow it live here.

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