Avengers Infinity War: Shock TWIST for the Hulk? ‘It’s different this time’


Hulk is played by Mark Ruffalo in the MCU

Marvel boss Kevin Feige has opened up on the direction the character will take over his next three movies, starting with this month’s Thor: Ragnarok and continuing through AIW and Avengers 4.

It’s no secret that the upcoming Thor movie marks the start of a new chapter for the green hero, but what does that mean for the MCU going forward?

“Anything’s possible,” Feige told Screen Rant.

“It is something when we were talking to Mark about this movie and trying to get him excited and getting him to agree to be in this movie, I did pitch to him a potential, sort of three movie arc for the character starting with this and that is what we ended up doing.”


He’ll play a key role in Thor: Ragnarok

Thor RagnarokGETTY

It’s an exciting time for the MCU

I did pitch to him a potential, sort of three movie arc for the character

Kevin Feige on Mark Ruffalo

He added: “Now, I won’t say where it goes, but it’s the continuing evolution of the relationship between Banner and Hulk and you see a side of it here.

“There’s a great line. He [Banner] says, ‘it’s different this time, usually it feels like we both have a hand on the wheel, but this time he was driving and I was locked in the trunk.’

“Are they ever going to be able to resolve that?”

For now, Ruffalo might be in trouble with the likes of Feige after accidentally livestreaming some of the Thor: Ragnarok premiere.

Kevin FeigeGETTY

Kevin Feige has spoken out

He also posted a video from an allegedly top secret MCU photoshoot over the weekend.

The star will be joined by Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum when the film releases.

Thor: Ragnarok is out on October 24 in the UK.

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