Aussie flu symptoms uk nhs wash hands stay home

Aussie flu warning issued by St John Ambulance: What to do if you become infected

If flu isn’t treated properly, it could turn into a deadly illness, Weir said.

“Flu should be taken seriously, and by taking proper precautions and looking after yourself, and those around you, should hopefully prevent the virus from turning into something more serious that requires emergency attention.”

Maintaining good hygiene is crucial to limiting the virus’ spread, added Weir.

Washing your hands regularly, or using alcohol gels, could lower your risk of catching the infection, he said.

Aussie flu symptoms uk nhs wash hands stay homeGETTY Images

Aussie flu symptoms: The flu jab could protect against the deadly infection

Aussie flu symptoms uk nhs wash hands stay homeGETTY Images

Aussie flu symptoms: Washing your hands regularly could reduce the spread of the virus

The best way to prevent infection is to get the flu jab, said St John Ambulance.

The flu is available at most pharmacies, and is free on the NHS to the most at-risk individuals. That includes the elderly, pregnant women, and patients with long-term medical conditions.

“At St John Ambulance we are encouraging all our employees and volunteers to take up the offer of flu vaccination to help protect them, their families and our patients,” said Weir.

Some trivalent and quadrivalent flu vaccines could protect against the Aussie flu strain.

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