A new ARK Survival Evolved update for Xbox One and PS4

ARK Survival Evolved UPDATE: Xbox One patch issues, new PS4 Ragnarok news

A new ARK Survival Evolved update for Xbox One and PS4STUDIO WILDCARD

A new ARK Survival Evolved update for Xbox One and PS4

An ARK Survival Evolved update is out now on Xbox One and is reportedly causing some players problems connecting to the game.

The news has been confirmed by developers Studio Wildcard, who provided more information on the situation today.

A new 3GB patch should be available to download for everyone, however, issues keep occuring for those trying to play the game this weekend.

“I can’t see any servers after applying patch, the level shows 768.5, however, it does not prompt for an update to 769,” one user explains.

“I did a hard reboot of my Xbox One. I also tried uninstalling Abb DLC and reinstalling Abb DLC.”

The official patch notes for the ARK update confirms many of the fixes included are for the Aberration DLC, and are available to view at the bottom of this article.

Since the reports of the game not working, Studio Wildcard have released a workaround for the problem, although this may not work for everyone.

“We’re currently looking into reports regarding the game not launching for some players on Xbox since downloading the latest update,” a message from the community teams reads.

“What’s commonly reported is that when you attempt to launch the game, it pops up with an error message, followed by asking you to download the latest 3gb update, and then failing to do so.”

The current list of problems includes:

Launch the game, it asks you to download the update

A new patch is likely to be released in the coming days for the game, although Wildcard have yet to confirm how they plan to solve the current issues.

A big new ARK Survival Evolved PS4 update is also expected to launch later this week, albeit with different content included.

Studio Wildcard say they are expecting to deploy the 99% completed version of the Ragnarok map to PS4 the week of January 15th.

The new mod map has proved popular with fans, adding a whole new area to explore and creatures to battle.

The Xbox patch for Ragnarok is currently in the certification process, with no precise date confirmed for when it might go live.


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