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‘Anna Soubry is a fanatic’ Nigel Lawson tears into Tory MP for disrupting Brexit

She’s a complete fanatic, that is why you had her on the programme, I know that

Nigel Lawson

The Tory Lord suggested Mr Hammond was undermining the Government’s position over Brexit by claiming he did not think the UK should be spending taxpayers’ money on preparing for “no deal” with the EU.

Ms Soubry defended the Chancellor on Daily Politics, insisting Mr Hammond was still the right person for the job.

The pro-remain MP also criticised members of her party for trying to pursue a hard Brexit, claiming the UK did not give the Tories a mandate to do so.

She said: “All I am saying is this is critical that the interests of our country are put people’s ideological banging on, as they, unfortunately, have been doing for many decades.

“We accept that we are leaving the , people like me, frankly if I am big enough to say that I accept the referendum, I accept that we are leaving the European Union, and I now want to get behind the Prime Minister to get the very best deal, forming a consensus.

“Then I really don’t see why it isn’t beyond other people to do exactly the same thing.”

When the Remainer MP was asked about comments from Jacob Rees-Mogg, by Coburn the Tory snapped back, arguing: “I am not really going to get into this personality politics talking about other people.”

Speaking later to pro-European Union students at a conference with fellow Remainer Tory Ken Clarke, Ms Soubry described Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as “more of a Brexiteer than anyone in our party” and urged the crowd not to vote Labour if they wanted to remain in the EU.

In a message to hard-Brexiteers, she said: “They need to stop banging on and what they need to do is shut up and get on with it.

“They need to shut up, get behind the Prime Minister… and let’s get a deal. I am not an opposer of Brexit – I have voted to trigger Article 50.”

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