HOW MUCH has the Altered Carbon book been changed by Netflix? We counted 19 huge differences between Richard Morgan's novel and the TV show.

Altered Carbon book vs show: How different are they? 19 changes include THAT torture scene


The ruthless and self-centred lawyer from the show is far less impressed by the Meths in the book and more sympathetic to Takeshi’s plight.


The books shows virtually nothing of the family beyond Laurens and Miriam. The troubled son Isaac does not feature at all and does not create a duplicate of his father. A kinky daughter does not wear her mother’s sleeve for sexual kicks. Laurens is not shown overtly keeping his children in their place, nor does he have a messiah moment ‘dying’ in front of the infected masses.


This character does not exist at all. Rae does have a (female) killer who does her dirty work, but unlike the zealot and devoted Ghostwalker she starts to sympathise with Takeshi and betrays Rae at the end.

Altered Carbon book: Vernon is called Victor and had a much smaller roleNETFLIX

Altered Carbon book: Vernon is called Victor and had a much smaller role


Takeshi’s grudging accomplice is called Victor and, again, features much less in the book than the show.

17. AVA

Vernon/Victor’s wife actually plays a much larger role in the book with a much richer storyline. She is essential to defeating Rae but does not get put into a man’s sleeve.


Poor traumatised trainee killer Lizzie is a very minor character in the book who does not become a fierce warrior or even go to Rae’s floating pleasure palace in the final act. Her storyline has been lifted from Layla, another pleasure slave/prostitute who was used by Laurens and then brutally battered by Mirian Bancroft to kill her unborn baby.

Altered Carbon book: The Raven hotel is called the HendrixNETFLIX

Altered Carbon book: The Raven hotel is the Hendrix and Poe doesn’t exist


The AI boarding house is completely different in the book. The TV show presents a lavish and genteel gothic Victoriana establishment run by the erudite and cultured Edgar Allen Poe. In the book it’s a mind-bending tribute to psychedelia called the Hendrix. The rooms and bar are named after famous Jimmy Hendrix songs like The Watchtower.

The change was made because the estate of the legendary singer is very protective and prohibits the association of his name or image with violence. Cleary that rules out Altered Carbon.


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