DNA test results on the elongated skulls discovered in Peru have been released by a researcher investigating if the bones could belong to an alien race. The 3,000-year old Paracas skulls, with elongated craniums, have long been held up by UFO hunters as evidence of ancient alien visitations due to their extraordinarily huge foreheads.

ALIEN SKULLS? Shock verdict after DNA tests reveal where ‘elongated heads came from’

Scientists say it was the most extreme example of skull elongation, a deformation practice carried out by several ancient cultures by binding infants heads through pieces of wood, ever found.

Many conspiracy theorists remain convinced they must have been the skulls of visiting aliens.

According to a report on the Conspiracy Club website the previous DNA results were amazing.

It said: “A recent DNA analysis performed on some of these skulls has presented amazing results that could challenge the current perspective of the human evolutionary tree.

“Since their craniums (Paracas) are 25 percent larger and 60 percent heavier than regular human skulls, researchers strongly believe that they couldn’t have been modified through binding.

“They are also structurally different and only have one parietal plate as opposed to the two normally found in human skulls.

“These differences have deepened the decade-old mystery around the Paracas skulls and researchers haven’t been able to explain their origins.

“The implications of this discovery are huge. Who were the mysterious Paracas people?

“Did they evolve here on Earth on a path so different from us that they ended up looking drastically different?”

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