Jon Stewart vs Sean Hannity: We all know who the real “sanctimonious jackass” is! 

Oh, how funny it is when a Fox News blowhard tries to take down “The Daily Show” and just embarrasses himself SOPHIA A. MCCLENNEN On Wednesday, Sean Hannity, the right-wing host of Fox News’ “Hannity” weeknight program, had two pieces of big news. First, he claimed that his coverage of spring break excesses in Panama […]

The Christian beheading Fox News conveniently ignored! 

Tucker Carlson (Credit: Fox News) This article originally appeared on Media Matters. On New Year’s Eve, Christian Jose Gomez allegedly attacked his mother with an ax. Angry that she had been “nagging” him about moving some boxes up to the attic, Gomez beheaded Maria Suarez-Cassagne in the family’s garage and tried to stuff her headless […]

Fox News’ dangerous game: Why conservative media will regret protecting Bill O’Reilly 

Bill O’Reilly’s claims are demonstrably false. Now he threatens to bring down an entire network of hacks with him Fox News’ dangerous game: Why conservative media will regret protecting Bill O’Reilly Bill O’Reilly (Credit: Fox News) This article originally appeared on Media Matters. Always viewing conflicts through the prism of partisan warfare, conservative media have […]

USA Today kills ludicrous Ann Coulter story! 

But why did it hire the unhinged buffoon to cover Boston in the first place? ERIC BOEHLERT So far there have been two major media black eyes at the Democratic convention in Boston. The first was on Monday when the Washington Post handed out 10,000 copies of a special convention issue of the daily, complete […]

I was a teenage Fox News robot: Sean Hannity destroyed my childhood 

In high school, Dad taught me to worship Reagan, O’Reilly, Coulter and even Freedom Fries. Fox News brainwashed me–MATTHEW SACCARO “Four more years,” I yelled as I slammed my fist on the school cafeteria lunch table. The other students looked at me with varying expressions. Some displayed annoyed lack of interest, while others seethed with liberal […]

RWW News: Glenn Beck – Part I: Baltimore Riots Are A Set Up For Government Control 

Glenn Beck claims Baltimore unrest a ‘set up’ to enact martial law, warns he may get murdered posted by Sky Palma May 9, 2015 Conspiracy Theories, Featured, News Closing out his radio program this Thursday, Glenn Beck launched into a tirade claiming that the unrest in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc., is all a coordinated so that […]

Paul Ryan loves talking about poverty, but he keeps getting the basic facts wrong 

Updated by Dylan Matthews on May 5, 2015, 8:00 a.m. ET @dylanmatt Paul Ryan (R-WI) is back to talking about poverty, taking to CBS’s Face the Nation this past weekend to lay out his plans for tackling it. Some of his ideas on the topic are worthwhile — he’s right that the Earned Income […]